What's YOUR Giving Number?

Are you giving 1%?

Imagine the difference you could make with just a small amount each month! It’s an easy way to practice gratitude and give back to your community.

Maybe you are already giving or donating 1% or even more of your net monthly income to charity?

Once you know your Giving Number, you can decide if you want to donate more, or more regularly. Your small contribution can add up to something truly meaningful.

Are you giveing 1%, join us

What is Giving 1 Percent All About?

Do you know how much you give to charity?

Calculate your Giving Number below


1. Simply enter your net (take home) monthly income
2. Then enter the monthly amount you donate to charity

The system will calculate your current percentage

Please note: We are NOT asking you to donate or give money on this site. We're just letting you calculate your EXISTING GIVING

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We invite you to make a difference

Are you inspired to give at least 1 percent of your net monthly income to charitable causes? 

Or as a friend of ours recently said, “Could you live on 99 percent of your income?”

If you have the means, we invite you to consider being part of this important initiative.

Your contribution could help provide shelter to the homeless, feed a hungry child or provide life-saving medical treatment to someone in need. You could help fund research to help find cures for diseases, support environmental conservation efforts, or provide education and resources to those in need.

Support the causes that are important to you. We are not here to judge, nor do we want to suggest who you should give to. You probably already know that donating to charity creates a wonderful feeling for the giver, and it  can even have tax benefits, so it’s a win-win  all around.

Our Founder's Story

Our Founder's Story

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is a speaker, author and multi-award-winning entrepreneur. She is also a caring and thoughtful leader, and a passionate philanthropist.

In 2020, Mindy wondered if her charitable giving had kept up with her income. She knew it probably hadn’t, but she was shocked at how low her Giving Number was, when she did the calculation. She now encourages others to know their number so they can choose to give at the right level for them.

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